Make your tap water consumption and your positive contribution to the protection of nature visible



TapWatch makes the impact on our nature visible and supports your business.

TapWatch is more than a smart meter. It measures  the amount of drinking tap water in realtime. The IoT device shows your savings in ressources and emissions compared to consuming bottled water. It offers predictive maintenance and analysis tools.


TapWatch is an IoT device measuring the tap water drinking consumption. The device is based on the latest technology and security standards.


TapWatch can be easily integrated in your environment without additional installations or infrastructure.


With the device we provide a homepage plug-in to make your impact on CO2 reduction visible. 


Compare and analyze consumption and savings with modern tools. Use the alert function to better serve your customers with CO2 bottle replacement and maintenance.

Benefits of measuring and communicating tap water consumption

Transparency about the financial benefit comparing tap and bottled water consumption

Visibility of enormous savings in plastic and CO2-emissions

Motivation of staff, suppliers and customers with external communication

Optimisation of cartridge and filter changes as well as maintenance windows

If in Germany everyone switched to tap water, then we would save 1,5 times the amount of CO2-emissions caused by domestic plane traffic in Germany every year.

3 Mio tons of CO2 could be saved by drinking tap water.*

* Study of GUT Certifizierungsgesellschaft für Managementsysteme mbH Umweltgutachter


We provide a variety of more than twenty measures. This enables you to show the range of benefits that drinking tap water provides. 

Depending on the quantity of water consumed different units of measurement are suitable.

Here some examples:

  • Saved CO2 in kg
  • Saved CO2 in car kilometers
  • Saved CO2 in liters
  • Saved crude oil in liters
  • Preserved arctic area in m²
  • Saved plastic bottles
  • Saved plastic in kg
  • Saved plastic in m²
  • Energy saved in years of burning light
  • Energy saved in years of mobile phone charging time